Q. Do you really enjoy doing this?

A. Yes, I can say honestly that it is something I am glad I started. My life is pretty boring and straight laced, so this is a wonderful outlet for me. I enjoy having a secret. I have met such interesting people and have had so many memorable experiences. It has taught me so much about sex and sexuality, I have a real interest in psychology and anthropology and I guess that is part of what made me want to delve deeper into this world. It has made me much more open minded, less judgemental and more understanding, oh, and also a whole lot better in bed. I intend to keep this as an enjoyable pastime and that is why I limit my bookings and only with people I think I will get along with. I have been told my demeanour is very genuine and natural, and this is due to meeting making sure I meet people I am compatible with.

Q.  Is there anyone you don’t see?

People who are unable to communicate with me respectfully. It is extremely important to me that you treat me with respect and see me as a human being and an equal. I do not discriminate against anyone for their ethnicity, nationality, weight, looks, disability etc. I am more interested in your demeanour and how well we can converse. It is important that I feel you are seeking something I can provide. I prefer to see clients that are at least in their early thirties, but I have had a few great experiences with people younger than this who felt inexperienced, so if this is the case please contact me and we can see if we might get along. There is no upper age limit, I love older gentlemen.

Q. I would like to bring you a gift, what would you like?

A. Thank you so much! Gifts are never expected, but if you really would like to bring something I’m not going to say no! Flowers are lovely but not very discreet! I love tea though, white tea, Buckwheat tea, good quality Matcha. Polaroid 600 film and scented candles are also all lovely (I’m more of a woody/musky scent lover than anything too girly/sweet). I should mention I am an infrequent drinker and not really a sweet lover or fan of chocolates. Update: I have now compiled a wishlist if you feel like you need some more inspiration.

Q. I am concerned about safety, what precautions do you take?

A. So am I! This is why I am selective with who I meet, I need to be, and I need to get an idea of who you are and what you are about before we can meet, so I can feel comfortable and secure. I also visit a clinic every 6 weeks at an absolute minimum for a fully comprehensive sexual health screening. I have also been fully vaccinated against Hep B. I take my health and personal safety very seriously and have never contracted an STD and want to try and keep myself as safe as possible. So I ask that you respect this and not be offended at any precautions I feel I need to take to protect myself. Any requests or attempts at unprotected genital contact will mean we will never meet again. Likewise any pressure, requests or attempts (however light-hearted or jokey) to do anything I have informed you I do not wish to do will result in the same. You may not see yourself as having any bad intentions, but it corrodes my trust in your ability to respect my boundaries and so I have a zero tolerance policy in regards to this. It may seem a little harsh, but stealthing is unfortunately becoming more prevalent, I myself have had personal experience of this by a client I had known for a long time time and completely trusted. Having to wait up to 3 months for your test results (HIV & Syphilis can take this long to show up) is very distressing, not to mention to the emotional hurt of being violated like that, so don’t make it about you. 

Q. What will you wear for the meeting? Can I request something?

A. As a standard, I like to dress in a discreet and understated, natural manner. I will not dress in a provocative or overtly sexy way. The reasons for this are; number one, discretion is very important to me and I do not wish for anyone to have suspicions about the basis of our meeting, London is a pretty casual city, even in the most upmarket venues. Also the majority of my clients are much older than me, and I think this can make it screamingly obvious if I am not dressed down. Secondly, I have a wide circle of friends and colleagues here in London, and being a minimalist, low key dresser, it would be immediately noticeable to anyone if I was to bump into them that something was amiss if they saw me dressed unusually. Lastly, and most importantly, I want to feel comfortable and like myself when we meet, not like I am dressing in some kind of uniform or costume. Don’t worry, I enjoy clothes and like to spend time on my appearance, I will never be scruffy or unkempt! Just dressed in a way that makes me feel comfortable and sexy. I wrote a blog post about this more in-depth that will be posted soon. 

Q. Can you be available short notice?

A. At the moment, no. I do understand that sometimes it is hard to plan and you just have to grab the time when it unexpectedly comes up, but currently my availability is too limited, so at least several days to a weeks notice. If things ease up for me this might change!

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