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There are a lot of acronyms bandied about in relation to companionship, and besides the fact that they seem to mean different things to whoever uses them, they seem to be changing over time. I think GFE has become quite a convoluted term these days, but for me, I use it to mean that I am a sensual person, I love touch, I love intimacy, and I love affection, and I absolutely LOVE kissing, it is an indispensable part of sexuality for me. I want this to always be part of the experience. I enjoy getting to know somebody, beginning to understand them, knowing that we are on the same wavelength and looking for the same things within each other. Feeling the build up of attraction and anticipation of what lies ahead is exciting to me. I want to genuinely enjoy our time together. I don’t like to rush, feel like I’m in a hurry, or play a persona. I think sex is something to be savoured. The bottom line for me is mutual enjoyment, genuine mutual enjoyment. We are all individuals with different desires and things that arouse us, and so I approach each meeting with this in mind. I want to learn how to make you happy, and I want to help you understand how to make me happy, and then may an enjoyable collaboration commence. I want us to have fun together, to feel comfortable, open, and free to just explore and enjoy our time together without any worries about commitment or outside responsibility.

I am interested in Tantra and currently practise it in my private life. I also have several years experience with massage training. This is a personal favourite, I love the feeling of skin on skin. I also have knowledge of Lingam and Yoni massage, and can both perform and teach these to you. I have found Tantra and Lingam to be very helpful with anyone suffering from any sexual related anxiety. It is well known to beneficial with premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and inability to reach orgasm. I have seen significant improvement in people who I have treated this way. Please note that if you would like to be treated this way, Tantra is not just a set of techniques, it is also a perspective and mindset and is not a quick fix or something that can be rushed. That said if you are just curious then I am always happy to share, just know that it is a very deep area of study, and involves a lot of unlearning as well as learning, not something quickly summarise in one or two meetings! 

I am also open to kink, so please don’t be shy about suggesting something to me if you have a particular turn on or think there is something you would like to explore. I do not judge, but I need to be informed of this before the meeting to make sure it is something I am comfortable with. Don’t spring things on me as I will probably not be prepared. Although please note I am not into submission at all. I don’t discriminate based on any ethnicity, disability, weight, nationality etc. I do prefer to meet people who are my age or older, however I have had positive experiences with younger clients who felt they lacked experience or confidence, so it is something I will definitely consider. 

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