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Some tips and information to ensure everything runs smoothly:

Update 01/09/2018 Due to other commitments limiting my time I need to safeguard against cancellations, because of this a deposit may be required to secure, even if I have seen you several times previously.

It has been mentioned to me a few times, that I have a rather lengthy booking process, and that it can sometimes feel like an interrogation! Whilst it may not always be apparent to people, I am quite the introvert so meeting new people uses up a considerable amount of energy for me, even if we click (that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it, just that I have less energy to expend socially before needing to recharge, unlike extroverts who are the reverse, and actually feel energised by social situations.) So it is important for me to communicate with you in order to ascertain if we could share rapport, meeting people where this is lacking is just too tiring and this is not something I wish to spend my energy on anymore. The reason I have spent so much time and effort on my web copy is because I knew it was important to present myself as honestly and accurately as possible in order to attract like minded people to allow me to conduct myself in an authentic, comfortable way. Feeling the need to become a social chameleon and adopt false behaviours in order to gain acceptance, especially in such an intimate context was not conductive to my growth as a person. It is therefore very important to me to ensure that anyone I meet has not only taken the time to read my words but also is someone who resonates with what I have written. So that is why I may be a little forthright with the questions in early correspondence but I like to think I have developed a very good intuition now, and if I feel we are a match we will most probably get along like a house on fire.

References are always my preferred method of screening. Don’t panic if you have a reason why is not possible for you (you’re a newbie, lady retired or not independent etc.) it is possible for you to use other screening methods, but priority is always given to introductions with references. References are simply confirmation that you are reliable, honest and respectful, no information about private time will be shared.

If I am visiting your hotel, please give me the name the room is booked under and room number when you have checked in. I will need to ring reception and ask to be put through to the room using the provided name in order to confirm your booking (so I will need your real name). I will need to speak to you when you are in the room on the hotel phone before I can set off.

Outcalls to a private residence require additional screening. This goes for Air bnb/serviced apartments too. This needs to be done before I can confirm the booking, so well in advance. There are various ways to do this. Contact me for further information.

Please confirm on the day of the booking by email/text before midday (or let me know the night before if it is an AM meeting), if not confirmed before 2pm I can not guarantee I will be available to meet.

Regarding cancellations. I understand sometimes things happen but I have a very full schedule due to my personal career. This is a very part time endeavour for me, organising my monthly schedule and finding time for everyone is a nightmare. Because of this I always reserve the right to request a 20% deposit to secure a booking. If you need to cancel as long as I have 48 hrs notice it can be put towards a future date within 3 months.

If for some reason I need to cancel (extremely rare), I will refund any deposit in full and will make you first priority with regards to my time if you would like to rearrange, or I can help you find another companion. If I cancel within 48 hours I will add extra time to our next meeting.

Please can you have the fee already counted and in an envelope, and either leave it on the side or present it at the beginning of our meeting, I always like to take care of this straight away, no matter how well we know each other, as otherwise I will forget! Please don’t make me have to prompt you.  If we are meeting in public please place it inside a card in a gift bag or book (and pass it to me discreetly). You can also pay by bank transfer in advance if you wish.

A huge turn off for me is bad hygiene and/or breath. I will have meticulously showered before meeting you (and will freshen up upon arrival) so I ask you to please do the same. Both of us being freshly showered with minty fresh breath means we avoid the awkward event of me having to mention there is a problem (WHICH I WILL), and it just wastes time and ruins the mood when we we could be spending it much more productively.

If you enjoyed our time together and would like to write a review, please send me a testimonial which I will post on my site. I no longer welcome reviews on any review sites.

I found an excellent resource written by another provider that explains the preferred etiquette during a booking. She writes a lot better than I do so I will just provide the link here. I recommend you read it! Plus she is gorgeous, so take a peek!

I know that might seem like a lot of information and rules to follow but it is just what I have in place to ensure my safety, sanity and so I can manage my time efficiently without jeopardising the other areas of my life unnecessarily. In a nutshell, if you communicate openly with me, turn up fresh, good humoured, and with a respectful attitude, I will be happy, relaxed and ready to devote my entire attention and affections on you.

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