So, you like what you’ve read so far and would like to meet. What is the next step? Introduce yourself in email!

I can receive upwards of 20 enquiries (sometimes double) a day. It is just myself who deals with correspondence and as I have other commitments that take up most of my day, you can imagine how time consuming this can be. To make sure priority is given to serious enquiries only, when you contact me please include the following information:  

  • Dates. (Approximate if you are flexible).
  • Location.
  • Meeting length and time of day (or mention if you are flexible).
  • Your preferred method/time to contact.
  • Also, the most important part! A little about who you are, your interests, your hopes and wishes for our meeting. I don’t reply to emails without this.
  • Any previous ladies (with web presence) you have met that are happy to provide a reference (not mandatory but definite plus points for prospective clients).

I don’t expect you to write an essay, but I need enough for me get a sense of who you are and some proof you have read my site and not looked at the photos. I need to know who I am meeting and so if you are uncomfortable with this I am probably not the lady for you. I try to reply within a couple of days (although sometimes I am unable to reply to prospective clients for quite some time), but if 3+ pass and I haven’t responded (and you sent all required info) and my out of office isn’t on, feel free to send a follow up email to make sure I haven’t missed you. I don’t respond to crude, explicit messages, asking questions that are easily found on my site or requests without enough information about you.

Before meeting I like to have a brief phone call, so we can ask any questions and get a feel for each other. Please don’t be shy, this is only because I want our meeting to go well. I want to make sure that I am able to meet your requirements and would never arrange an appointment if I felt I wasn’t going to be able to leave you completely satisfied. I find this straightforward approach much better than a cloying, deceptive attempt to try and woo you by saying whatever I feel you want to hear in order to secure a booking. I figure this can only lead to disappointment and an awkward encounter for the both of us.

I have certain screening protocols in place for bookings. My safety is extremely important to me so please do not ask me to compromise my procedures, they are in place for a reason, so I can feel safe, secure and comfortable meeting you. A deposit is required at my discretion, generally this will be the case if other commitments severely limit the time I am available for meetings.


Twitter: mssadieoshea

Preferred411: P234303  

TER ID: 314773


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