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I have a few reviews (that I know of) that you can view on my TER page, AW profile and I have one on  Captain 69. Let me know if I am anywhere else! Although I am flattered if you would like to share positive feedback about our meeting, I would prefer it if you could ask me first. I find overly graphic reviews pretty embarrassing, and there are certain review sites where I would rather not feature and I also worry about someone inadvertently revealing some identifying information.

A few snippets about what people who have met me have said:

“You probably have already seen Sadie’s pictures, so will know how beautiful she is, but let me assure you her pictures scarcely scratch the surface, in person, she is simply stunning, with incredibly expressive eyes. But really her true beauty, and the reason why she is so outstanding is her personality, she is witty, intelligent, caring and empathetic, in short, she is a brilliant conversationalist and the perfect date who works hard to create a real connection with you.”. Full review here.

“Sadie is so considerate and giving that I forget it is a service. Each time I go back to see her (and I always do) I am nervous, wondering, can she really be that good? And the answer, folks, is, Yes She Can!” Full review here.

“Sadie for me is the holy trinity of being an incredibly beautiful, intelligent and sexy lady.” AW Feedback here.

“Sadie is simply wonderful! Deeply sensual, wonderfully charming and enchanting to be with.” AW Feedback here.

“Wonderful evening with a wonderful person. Warm, sweet, caring, attentive, sensual. Truly a girlfriend, someone to to cherish.” Full feedback here.

“I like finding girls that are gems and seeing them frequently – Sadie is the first girl for a long time that I will be seeing at every possible opportunity.” Full feedback here.

“Simply exquisite!!! Perfect GFE, passionate, engaging – one of my best experiences.” Full feedback here.

“My evening with Sadie was perfect. She is wonderful company, warm, beautiful, passionate; everything you hope for but so rarely find”. AW feedback here.



Luna Moon: For those of a kinkier persuasion, or who just enjoy great company with highly sexed, intelligent woman, meet my friend Luna. Cerebral, witty, fantastic breasts and charm galore. There is a reason everyone who meets her is completely smitten. View her site here.

Emilia Luna: Your beautiful, classy and well-informed partner in crime. Her looks might be angelic and sweet, and her manner innocently flirty, but do not be fooled! The ideas she has are often devilishly naughty… Check out her site here.


My wonderful photos were taken by Nadia Rose. Click the banner below to check out her site.




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