“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” – Aristotle.

Originally hailing from Ireland, I eventually ended up in England, moving through a few other places along the way. Graduating from an esteemed university, I began working in a totally different industry than initially intended, proceeding to spend the majority of my twenties living and working in several different continents. However several years ago, I realised how unhappy I was in this extremely corporate industry. I felt unfulfilled, unmotivated and desired serious change. After a lot of thought and consideration, I plucked up the courage and took the plunge; relocating to London and commenced the process of retraining. Of course, as education is incredibly expensive these days, I didn’t want to start again from zero. I had looked into loans but debt terrifies me, so I wanted to try to avoid being tied to repayment schemes for all eternity! It was then I started to consider that maybe professional companionship could be much more of a serious option than I had originally thought. To cut a long story short, after some experimentation I discovered my preferred way of doing things. This produced a pretty solid run of wonderful experiences, and I found I was consistently genuinely looking forward to dates. Even if it was still mixed with the nerves I get before any unfamiliar event, now that I felt confident that I would have an enjoyable experience, it just added to the anticipation in a pleasing way. When the time came recently when I met the initial financial goal I had set myself, I found I didn’t wish to stop completely, and so what was meant to be a brief, supplementary side project has now become a more established part of my life than originally intended. Therefore, I am currently continuing with this endeavour for the time being, chiefly down to the excitement and adventure that it has brought to my life (though add a financially prudent cherry on top and you have an extra happy Sadie). I have hopefully at least a year to go now until I will be fully committing to my new direction, and if the people and experiences I have encountered so far are anything to go by, I am excited for those still in store.

On the surface, I am quite a calm, reserved person, I prefer small intimate gatherings to boisterous parties. Although I have quite an independent nature, people are very important to me. Not much gives more meaning to my life than the relationships and bonds I have with those I am close to. I frequently meet with people who I have a real connection with, I am honoured to have a special and ever growing unique relationship, and I am always incredibly happy when we get the chance to see each other. People close to me have described me as low key, empathetic, open minded and considerate. Although, once I have made someone’s acquaintance, people are often surprised that despite their first impression, I have quite a wanton, wayward side. I have found I have always been drawn to the illicit and non-conventional way of living, and I have a strong rebellious, hedonistic streak. I try to keep an adventurous spirit alongside an open mind and compassionate heart. I want to grow, explore and experience all that life has to offer and refuse to be constrained by the puritanical, intolerant norms and values imposed on people by an insular, sexually repressed majority. However, whatever mischief I may get up to behind closed doors, I am a deeply private person and discretion is extremely important to me, so I am selective in who I chose to spend time with. It is of the utmost importance to me that my clients mirror this desire for privacy in their own lives.



Age: Early 30s.

Height: 5’8/172cm

Weight: 9.3 stone/58 kg/128lb

Dress size: UK 8/EU 36/US 2

Hair: Light blonde, shoulder length.

Eyes: Blue

Measurements: 36-25-36

Bust: 34D/75D/90E

Shoe size: UK 6.5/ EU 40/ US 8.5

Smoker: No.

Tattoos: Several.

Piercings: none.


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