Some tips and information to ensure everything runs smoothly:

Update 01/08/2017 I currently require a deposit to book. Due to other commitments limiting my time I need to safeguard against cancellations. If this is not possible, at my discretion I can instead accept two references from an established provider you have seen in the last 12 months with verifiable web presence.

For references, please let the lady know that I will be contacting them, if you fail to do this it can slow the process down as she may be reluctant to confirm your details with me without your permission. References are simply confirmation that you are reliable, honest and respectful, no information about private time will be shared.

If I am visiting your hotel for the first time, please give me the name the room is booked under and room number when you have checked in. I will ring the hotel and ask to be put through to the room using the details given in order to confirm your booking (sometimes these are fake!). This is mandatory, I will need to speak to you when you are in the room on the hotel phone before I can set off.

Outcalls to a private residence will require additional screening, this goes for Air bnb/serviced apartments too. Contact me for further information.

Please confirm on the day of the booking by email/text before 10am (or let me know the night before if this will be a problem for you), if not confirmed before midday I can not guarantee I will be available to meet. If you are visiting me for the first time I will direct you to a nearby address (or refresh your memory if needed),  I will not give the actual address until just before the appointment, which will be close by.

When approaching, entering and leaving my location, please be discreet; enter and exit quickly, without drawing attention to yourself. Basically how you would like me to behave visiting your home! Please do not make loud phone calls in the hallway (it really carries) or linger inside the building.

If you arrive early, you can text to let me know but there’s a high probability that I will not be ready until the time we agreed upon (I am rarely early for anything!) If you have visited me before so know my building please do not wait directly outside, and please text to let me know you have arrived before ringing the buzzer. On the other hand if you are running late, which I understand is unavoidable sometimes in London, just make sure to let me know. I can generally wait for 20 minutes if you let me know what is happening. If I do not hear from you within 15 minutes after the scheduled meeting time, I will assume you have had to cancel last minute and I will most likely no longer be available.

Speaking of cancellations. I understand sometimes things happen but I have a full time commitments and this is a very part time endeavour for me, organising my monthly schedule and finding time for everyone is a nightmare, because of this I will need to take a 20% deposit upfront to secure a booking. If you need to cancel and do so with more than a weeks notice it can be moved forward to a future date (within 3 months).

If for some reason I need to cancel (only done if completely unavoidable), I will refund any deposit in full and will make you first priority with regards to my time if you would like to rearrange, or recommend another companion. If I cancel within 48 hours I will add extra time to our meeting.

Please can you have the fee already counted and in an envelope, and either leave it on the side or present it at the beginning of our meeting, I always like to take care of this straight away, no matter how well we know each other, as otherwise I will forget! Please don’t make me have to prompt you, or sit while you count it.  If we are meeting in public please place it inside a card in a gift bag. You can also pay by bank transfer if you wish.

A huge turn off for me is bad hygiene and/or breath. I will have meticulously showered less than 45 mins before you arrive (and will freshen up upon arrival if I am visiting you) so I ask you to please use my shower facilities/dental kits that are at your disposal. Both of us being freshly showered and minty fresh means we avoid the awkward event of me having to mention there is a problem (which I will!), and it just wastes time and ruins the mood when we we could be spending it much more productively.

If you enjoyed our time together and would like to write a review, please ask me first, as there may be some things I would rather you kept to yourself about our meeting. Also, I hope this goes without saying but never reveal my location beyond nearest tube/area, this also goes for specific identifying personal information e.g. my hometown, places I have lived, past/current employers, university etc.)

Anyway, I know that might seem like a lot of information and rules to follow but it is just what I have in place to ensure my safety, sanity and so I can manage my time efficiently without jeopardising the other areas of my life unnecessarily. In a nutshell, if you communicate openly with me, turn up fresh, good humoured, and with a respectful attitude I will be happy, relaxed and ready to devote my entire attention and affections on you.


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