10th October 2017

Hello! I am unfortunately having to wind my availability down due to other commitments taking up so much of my time. I am still available to meet for outcalls but my availability will be limited, with priority given to regular clients. Unfortunately I currently have no plans to offer incall appointments for the foreseeable future.

30th August 2017

I get a lot of questions about Tantra, asking what it actually entails. All I can say is that it is not possible to answer this succinctly, as the term encompasses thousands of years of tradition, rituals and practices and there are many, many interpretations of this by people. Personally, I practice a more modern, non religious type of tantra. I would recommend the book Urban Tantra by Barbara Carrellas, if you would like to know more, it is a great, accessible introduction!

In other news, I think it is time to get some new photos! I’ve been inspired seeing some wonderful shoots on twitter, I think I will be using Nadia Rose again. So now the outfit/lingerie shopping begins!

5th August 2017

I am currently taking some time to concentrate on other things so my availability is very limited. Also I am not able to tend to my emails so please do not take no response as a no, I will be back to normal in September!

18th May 2017

So I am back! I had a lovely time away, I ended up visiting Madrid and Barcelona. I have friends in Barcelona and I can’t for the life of me understand why it has taken me so long to visit them! I have been a little under the weather the last few days, so add that to my time away and I am quite behind on my emails. I have amassed quite a few, so I am slowly working through them. If you do not hear from me by the end of the week, please try me again as it may be that I have somehow overlooked you!

23rd March 2017

Recently I have become totally disenchanted with my name! Sadie. Ugh! I used to really like this name but now it’s become just… meh. It’s not quite semantic satiation, it is more it has just lost it’s appeal. It is funny how we assign meaning to names, like they can in anyway infer certain characteristics or traits. I think we all have certain names we dislike because it was the name of someone who we found annoying! No annoying Sadie comes to mind though so not sure what brought this on.  Previously I was Sophie, which now I think was nicer (though I felt it was boring at the time), I guess the change was kind of like when women cut their hair short or drastically change the colour/style, it often hints that they are undergoing some kind of transitional period in life, which certainly was the case with me! Some one told me Sadie O’Shea sounds a bit like a Burlesque strippers name which made me laugh and I would have to agree. At least that means it is catchy.

7th March 2017

Planning a holiday. I realised I haven’t left the country in 18 months! I guess moving to a new city, with a new job, friends, home and all the other experiences that come with relocating, has satisfied my need for stimulation. I have been so busy with everything else going on in my life that time has just flown by, but now I keep catching myself daydreaming about the places I’d like to visit. I am getting itchy feet again! The last time I lived on another continent I regretted that I had not explored Europe enough, I realised there was so many countries I had never visited. With no excuse, there is nowhere else where you can experience so many different cultures, all relatively affordable and quick to travel to. I vowed that if I ever returned I would make this right, I had a long list of cities that I would visit… and so far I have only struck one off this list! So this year I’ve made a promise to myself to try and visit three, even if it is just for a weekend. I’m hoping for Berlin, Copenhagen and Budapest. Though I might trade one for Iceland in the summer!

2nd March 2017

It really isn’t my year for technology. My beloved laptop is slowly dying and giving me constant grief, despite a recent factory reset due to some annoying Malware that just would not die. Now the key board/USB ports and sensor pad have all decided at the same time to start working only when they feel like it, so I think I must bite the bullet and buy a new one before this one goes out the window for my own sanity. I still have my phone to check and send emails, but as I hate composing messages by phone, please bear that in mind if my communication comes off a little short.

By the way have you seen this?:

Not quite Pris from Blade Runner, but I would love to see the progression of robotics, say 50 years from now and the effect and influence it would have had on the sex industry (never mind the rest of society). Would it even exist anymore? Would people look back at it like the Devadasi and Oiran? I don’t think it would be an adequate replacement for anyone seeking shared intimacy and a connection from a sexual encounter, although I guess that comes down to somebodies power to suspend disbelief! I guess they would be great for the lonely and sexually frustrated, or just an extremely sophisticated sex toy! However, they need to properly mimic human skin, I’ve touched a real doll and it felt exactly like you think it would feel like, a cold, inert latex doll, I couldn’t imagine it providing much pleasure. Apparently you can warm it up though (with an electric blanket) though they are still incredibly stiff. These super, future bots however could help someone with low sexual confidence regain enjoyment and explore their sexuality without them feeling anxious about the possible pressure of expectation or judgement from another person. They could be programmed to be like a puzzle, with difficulty settings, and you have to try to decipher the sexual wishes of your robot companion to win the game, like sexual skills training! You could have the ability to have sex with someone whenever you wanted, who looks anyway you desire, without any trace of age, asymmetry and free of imperfections, what would this do to people’s perception of beauty? Real humans would look terrible! Though I can imagine that cosmetic surgery and anti ageing technology would be pretty advanced and prolific by then. We will all be walking around looking like this:

28th February 2017

Nearly March already! March is a good month for me, I have a lot more free time, plus you know Spring is on the way, which does something to everybody’s mood. Mine especially 🙂

6th February 2017

Hello, finally back to normal and in my Fitzrovia apartment again for the first time this year. My gratitude goes out to those of you that have been patient with me on the communication front. I had a LOAD of emails awaiting me, and it has taken me a while to read through and answer them all, I have not had to deal with so many new enquiries at once before and got rather muddled with who’s who. However I am looking forward to meeting some new faces soon and catching up with some of those I have missed!

20th December 2016

I am now unavailable until the end of  January. Clients well known to me can contact me and maybe we can work something out but I should be back and available for meetings around the beginning of February, Merry Xmas and happy new year to you all!

4th December 2016

So we are 4 days into December and I feel burnt out already. Maybe it is just that “Sunday after a heavy weekend” feeling. I want to detox already, but then when next Friday comes I develop sudden amnesia. It was quite wild, I’ll say that much, but for the discretion of all involved, and to retain my personal reputation as a woman of virtue, I won’t be revealing any details here.

Aside from the partying and excuse for hedonism, I can take or leave the Christmas season, the excessive consumerism and extravagant gift giving makes me gag a little. I live quite near Oxford Street so occasionally have to venture down to pick something up last minute and it’s unbearable already! Although when isn’t it? My personal vision of hell is having to walk up and down Oxford Street in the last week of December with a never ending list of things to buy, for all eternity. It will be nice to see family though, it is rare that we are all together, my family is quite large and this will be our first Christmas all together in about 5 years. Also, I think my Christmas gift to myself will be either a Doxy wand or a Lilo vibrator. It should make January more bearable.

I don’t think I will be leaving the house today, as fragile as I am feeling, and I know it will probably get worse as the day progresses. Plans for today involve some friends visiting and I think we will order in a roast dinner and watch films. God bless Deliveroo.

26th November 2016

A lovely client bought me a Polaroid camera and bundle of film to get me started. So far, I can’t seem to resist taking none stop photos of myself, which when I shared with my friend Sara, she agreed they are extremely sexy, something about the physicality of an actual photo, a material thing you can hold in your hand, without the disposable nature of  digital, seems to make it a little more provocative than the run of the mill iphone snap. Anyway, I may post a few on my Twitter and hopefully get some of my gorgeous friends to model for me.

18th November 2016

December already looks to be a very busy month for me, I am booked up for about two thirds of my available days already, and personal invitations and events keep cropping up all the time (tis the season) so please get in touch now if you would like to see me to avoid disappointment. New clients will only be able to book in advance with a small deposit (Bank or Amazon gift voucher). After the festive season I will be taking some time off, from 22nd December until late January, and possibly will be in a new location, although hopefully this will still be in W1. Anyway, I better go, having dinner at one of my favourite restaurants tonight and then spending the weekend outside London with friends and haven’t packed!

Currently reading: Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World – Adam Grant

Currently Listening to: The Smiths. Hatful of Hollow in particular.

Watching: Westworld (Totally sucked me in).

10th November 2016

Well, despite my best intentions, over a week has passed since I last wrote. I have always been a terrible diary keeper, I found a few of my (absolutely mortifying) teenage diaries a few years ago and it was a saving grace to find that they had been so sporadically maintained. Also, now the season of hibernation is upon us, any time I have not devoted to work and study, I just want to stay at home wrapped up enjoying a good book. Most enjoyable, however it doesn’t bode well for blog topics. I am currently reading Musicophilia by Oliver Sacks, which I recommend. I do notice in Winter that the rate I make my way through books is about double (even triple!) that of Summer, so the silver lining to this quiet living is that I can finally catch up on the pile of books on my night stand that has been steadily building up the last few months. I will write again when the party season begins and  I am feeling much more hedonistic.

1st November 2016

Had a photo shoot with Nadia Rose today. It went really well but I forgot how tiring they are! Started at 11am and finished around 5pm, photo shoots are like a Yoga class, lots of uncomfortable contortions must be held in order to get good shots! Though they are also really fun, and it was great to try out all my new lingerie, I can’t wait to see the final results. I can’t recommend Nadia enough, although it was a long day it was also one of the most laid back, relaxed shoots I have ever had, and I think that always leads to good photos. Anyway, I will upload the photos when I get them back in around a weeks time.


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